June 23, 2014

The Deputy Chief of Staff Strategic Plans and Policy(DCoS SPP), Brig.Gen. Matthew L. BRAND paid a visit to Centre of Excellence Defence Against Terrorism.

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Conducted Activities
June 04-05, 2014

"NATO Strategic Communications: Counter Narrative Implications for CT" Workshop was conducted between 04-05 June 2014.

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COE-DAT Course
20-24 Oct, 2014

Tactical Operations in a High Threat IED Environment (TACOPS) Course will be held between 20-24 October 2014.

COE-DAT Course
03-07 Nov, 2014

Critical Infrastructure Protection from Terrorist Attack Course will be conducted between 03-07 November 2014.

COE-DAT Course
24-28 Nov, 2014

Attack the Network Course will be conducted between 24-28 November 2014.