Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can apply for COE-DAT activities?

The activities are designed for NATO, Partners, and relevant International Organizations dealing with CT. Participation from other countries is considered on a case by case basis and based on seat availability, with the African Union pre-approved to submit applications.

2. What are the other participation criteria for the COE-DAT activities?

Participants should be military officers (OF 2 and above) or civilian equivalents (police officers, academics, experts) working in domains such as counterterrorism, special operations, intelligence, operations, plans, training, force protection, C-IED, PSYOPS, INFO OPS, STRATCOM, public affairs, police, law enforcement, judicial etc. Participants should be able to read / write English in accordance with the criteria stated in STANAG 6001-3232, since the courses are taught in English.

3. Can I apply for the COE-DAT activities individually?

Only institutional applications are acceptable. Unaffiliated and individual applications are regrettably not accepted.

4. How can I apply to participate in the COE-DAT activities as a non-lecturer/participant?

The application form (ANNEX of the invitation letter) and CV should be sent by e-mail to the related Activity Assistant and Activity Director. Then the Activity Director will assess the eligibility of the candidate for the activity and confirm his/her participation. All the applicants are to receive confirmation/regret from COE-DAT POC to their e-mail addresses within a couple of days after the application date. No travel arrangements should be made prior to receiving formal confirmation of acceptance.

5. Should I contact the related personnel in COE-DAT to check the status of my application?

No. You should receive a decision via email regarding your application within ten business days. If after ten business days you have not heard back from COE-DAT, please send the Activity Director and Assistant a follow up inquiry email. If there is any change in your e-mail or telephone number, you should also inform the Activity Assistant about this change.

6. What type of visa do I need for participation in an activity at COE-DAT in Turkey?

All attendees (e.g. lecturers/speakers, participants, etc) are responsible for obtaining the necessary documents to travel to Turkey. Those from NATO countries with NATO Travel Orders are exempt from attaining a Turkish visa. All others should contact the nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate for visa requirements. Additional information can be found at the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website: https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/

NOTE: Invited Speakers'/Lecturers' visa expenses to travel to Turkey are covered by COE-DAT, as long as the official receipt/voucher is provided during Day 1 of the activity.

7. What is the dress code for the COE-DAT activities?

After the confirmation of your application, you will be informed about the dress code by the Activity Assistant.

8. Do lecturers and participants receive a certificate upon course completion?

Yes. Lecturers and participants who attend 3/4th of the activity receive certificates upon course completion and often times a CD containing the briefings presented.

9. Is there a fee for the COE-DAT Courses?

Yes. The residential course fee is usually 300 Euros for a one week course and there is an admin fee of approximately 10 Euros, while online course fee is generally 100€ for one week course. This course fee may be waived if the participant is from one of COE-DAT’s sponsoring nations (Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, UK, and the USA) unless they are attending from an international entity (like NATO, UN, OSCE etc). On some occasions this fee may also be waived for COE-DAT sponsoring nation attendees assigned to an international entity if they are attending as part of a “national” TDY and their application is accompanied by a signed memorandum from their national chain of command certifying they are attending the activity as part of a national TDY that is funded by their national authorities.

10. Do I have to pay this course and admin fee?

Every participant has to pay the course fee and the admin fee. (residential course fee 300€ and admin fee 10€ for one week course; online course fee 100€ for one week course). Also participants coming from NATO entities, COEs, UN or any other international organizations have to pay both fees.

However ACT, Turkish Fin.Aid and SNs’ participants are excluded from only course fee with the condition that they attend the course on behalf of their government with official documents. Without regard to the type of the trainees, every trainee has to pay the admin fee.

11. Do you provide any assistance for the accommodation?

COE-DAT has an agreement with a top-tier hotel in Ankara. All hotel bookings are made by COE-DAT on behalf of participants who request a booking. The rate for a single room is approx. € 45 and for a double room is around approx. €55. The rate is per room, per night and includes an open buffet breakfast and eight percent (8% meals, %18 accommodation) tax. Daily transportation between the hotel and the Centre is provided by COE-DAT throughout the course.

Participants who do not prefer to stay at the contracted hotel are responsible for their own accommodation and transportation arrangements.

If a lecturer or participant prefers not to stay at the contracted hotel and their nation has a Military Bilateral Cooperation Agreement with Turkey or they are from the Turkish Military, COE-DAT can strive to arrange a hotel room at the Officers’ Club.

Daily transportation between the Officers’ Club and the Centre is also provided by COE-DAT throughout the activity.

12. Do you provide any assistance for traveling and transportation?

Participants are responsible for their individual travel arrangements both to and from Ankara, Turkey. Upon arrival at and departure from Ankara, transportation from the airport to the participant’s accommodation address and vice versa is not provided by COE-DAT. Therefore, participants are requested to arrange their own transportation to and from the airport.

Only for approved participants from Partner Countries and for approved participants from the countries, which have a Military Bilateral Cooperation Agreement with Turkey, the transportation between the Airport and the Hotel/Officers’ Club will be provided by COE-DAT if itinerary details are conveyed to COE-DAT.

For the daily transportation between the contracted hotel / Officers’ Club and the Centre, a bus service is available.

At the end of each day, the bus departs from the Centre according to the course program. The Activity Director gives information for the next day’s program, activity and bus schedule before close of business.

13. What is the contact information of the contracted hotel and officer’s club?

You will be informed about contracted hotel and officers’ club contact information by the Activitiy Assistant.

14. How do I reach COE-DAT?

Postal Adress: Terörizmle Mücadele Mükemmeliyet Merkezi,P.O.Box: 576582 Kirazlıdere, Bakanlıklar / Ankara - TURKEY

Phone Number: +90 312 425 82 15 (Switchboard)

Fax Number: +90 312 425 64 89

COE-DAT E-mail: info@coedat.nato.int

COE-DAT Website: www.coedat.nato.int

You can reach Duty Officer by calling switchboard after working hours (18.00-09:00).