Travel and Transportation for "COMMON PARTICIPANTS"

Participants are responsible for their individual travel arrangements both from/to Ankara, Turkey. Upon your arrival at and departure from Ankara, transportation between the airport and the participant’s accommodation address will not be provided by COE-DAT. Therefore, participants are kindly requested to arrange their own transportation from/to the airport.

If you come to Turkey with Istanbul transfer, you will pass through the passport control there, but your hold baggage will still have to pass through customs in Ankara. After getting off the airplane, you will see a door on the left side, after about a 10-meter long walk along the walkway which leads you to the staircase. Most of the time, there is an airport staff over there for steering the passengers to the staircase. Go down these stairs and a bus will be waiting to take you to the International Terminal.

In Ankara, “BelkoAir” Airport Shuttle, an economical means of transportation, can be utilized for transportation between the airport and the city center. It departs from the airport terminal at regular time sequences and drops you at A.S.T.I. (Intercity Bus Terminal of Ankara). It takes almost 30 minutes for the shuttle to get to A.S.T.I. The fee for the airport shuttle is 10 Turkish Liras (TL) (approximately 3 Euros). From A.S.T.I. to the contracted hotel, it will cost you an additional 15 TLs (approximately 5 Euros) for a 10-minute taxi ride.

Alternatively, if you take a taxi from the Ankara Esenboğa Airport to contracted hotel, the cost will be around 30 Euros (100 TLs) which takes about 30 minutes.

If you take a taxi to the hotel, please give the Turkish note below to the taxi driver. This note will ensure that the taxi driver clearly understands your destination.
“Ben [hotel name] gitmek istiyorum. Yardımcı olabilir misiniz?”
It means:
“I would like to go to the [hotel name]. Could you please help me?”

For the daily transportation from the hotel to the Centre, a bus leaves at 08.20 every morning. Participants are kindly requested to be at the foyer at 08.15 for a timely departure to the Centre. On Monday, the first day of the course, departure time will be 08.30.