Terrorism Experts Conference (TEC) 2019

15-16 October 2019 in Ankara, Turkey

      The Centre of Excellence – Defence Against Terrorism (COE-DAT) kindly informs that this year’s Terrorism Experts Conference (TEC) will be held under the title

Terrorism as Violent Change

How Terror emerges, develops, and transforms the World

      Terrorists want to change the world. Their actions have sparked public anxiety and sown fears in many countries that open societies have not only become the favored targets but also are transformed due to the terrorist threat. In particular, when it comes to liberal democracies, institutionalized counter-terrorism policies (ranging from surveillance or tightened security measures at airports to military operations) are said to have transformed even these very democracies. Some observers consider these transformations as appropriate, some as a necessary evil, and some as an even greater threat to the political and civil traditions that are central to the liberal democratic way of life than terrorism itself.

      Within this framework, TEC aims to further discussions and exchange on the many ways how terrorism as violent change has altered our contemporary world. Therefore, TEC will deal with the changes the threat of terrorism brings about in liberal democracies. If and in what ways has terrorism transformed militaries and their perception in liberal democracies? If and how do radicalization and terrorism change the relationship of democracies and their militaries? How does terrorism undermine democratic moderation in terms of an increasingly polarized public discourse? What is the role of language and the way terrorists are defined for anti-terror-strategies? Further, TEC will focus on the transformations of terrorism itself. In how far has ISIS/Daesh altered the way terrorist groups recruit, use propaganda and fight? What comes after ISIS/Daesh? What is the role of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, autonomous weapons or 3D printing for terrorist groups?

      As NATO’s hub of expertise in terrorism related issues, COE-DAT has created TEC as their premier defence against terrorism forum, bringing together highly acclaimed speakers and military experts on terrorism. As we finish the selection of our lecturers and the identification of our participants, invitations will be issued soon.

      During this interim, please direct any requests for further information regarding the conference, to TEC2019@coedat.nato.int.


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