Terrorism Experts Conference (TEC) 2019

15-16 October 2019 in Ankara, Turkey

      The Centre of Excellence – Defence Against Terrorism (COE-DAT) kindly informs that this year’s Terrorism Experts Conference (TEC) will be held under the title

Terrorism as Violent Change

How Terror Emerges, Develops, and Transforms the World

      Terrorists want to change the world. Their actions spark public anxiety and raise fear among many liberal democracies. In turn, the global community has been witnessing an abundance of counter measures. Since terrorists seem to constantly adapt to counter measures implemented by the global community, for example by reinventing their propaganda, recruitment processes, tactics and other actions, the process of implementing appropriate counter measures is a constant and dynamic one. These efforts to defend against terrorism, however, come with their own set of problems for open societies. Where some observers consider these measures to be appropriate and regard them as a necessary evil, others argue that they are an even greater threat to the liberal democratic way of life than terrorism itself.


      For this year’s TEC, we were able to win some of the leading terrorism and counter-terrorism scholars and practitioners to speak at our conference. In four panels, we will take a look on how terrorism and the defence against it transforms the world we live in, how terrorist groups like ISIS/Daesh adapt their actions and propaganda to maintain effectiveness, and how the new media landscape and new technologies such as autonomous weapons, 3D printing, and social media intelligence have been, and still are affecting terrorism and counter-terrorism.

      In addition to the panel discussions, this year’s TEC will have a workshop, allowing presenters and participants alike to share their expertise, experience and research work, to advance the previous panel discussions and identify future challenges in the defence against terrorism.

      In late October 2019, we will publish a first report on the conference, before later this year a more detailed report on the conference and the findings from the conference workshops can be accessed through this website. In the meantime, please direct any requests for further information regarding the conference to TEC2019@coedat.nato.int.


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