The Effect of Migration on Terrorism: Challenges for CT / CVE

(A Lessons Learned Workshop)

14-15 November 2017

COE-DAT, Ankara, Turkey



Defence Against Terrorism Centre of Excellence in its role as NATO’s unique center for Defense Against Terrorism / Counter-Terrorism (CT) related issues plays a crucial role in the increasingly fight against terrorism. COE-DAT aims to contribute to NATO’s transformation efforts by sharing expertise and experiences on CT to NATO members, and to share this perspective with Partnership for Peace (PfP), Mediterranean Dialogue (MD), Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) member nations and a wider community of interest. Courses, seminars and workshops are our educational instruments, used to encourage debate and to enhance the common understanding.

As one of these instruments, within the framework of the 2017 Program of Work, the Centre of Excellence-Defense Against Terrorism (COE-DAT) is organizing a lessons learned workshop entitled “The Effect of Migration on Terrorism: Challenges for Counter-Terrorism and Countering Violent Extremism”. The workshop will be held at COE-DAT/Ankara on 14-15 November 2017.

The aim of the workshop is under the umbrella of lessons learned through T/CT perspective;

  • to discuss the mutual effects of migration and terrorism
  • to enhance the engagement by adding border security and violent extremism phenomena
  • to find out the possible deficiencies, to identify lessons for International Law and discussing International Organizations (IOs)’ approaches to the subject
  • to specify challenges for IOs in order to provide lessons identified for them
  • to contribute to the academic debates with practical outputs by elaborating Europe’s and Turkey’s experience with migration, putting forth their best practices and what they have learned from their experiences and challenges so far.

  • The workshop will consist of 5 panels in each of which at least 2 presentations will be conducted. The speakers will present their papers followed by presentations including the sub-topics listed below. The presentations will be followed by a discussion of the subject with the contribution of other speakers and participants in order to review and enhance the speakers’ paper and discuss the topic from lessons learned and counter-terrorism aspect.


    14 November 2017, Tuesday

    09.00-10.00      Welcome Address/Introduction/Admin Brief/Group Photo

    10.00-10.15      Coffee Break

    10.15-12.00      Panel-1 What is the nature of the relationship between terrorism and migration?

    In this session, the speakers will focus on whether a correlation, causation or another relationship between migration and terrorism does exist. The session seeks to problematize current migration environment and present alternative new perspectives.

    12.00-13.30       Lunch

    13.30-15.00      Panel-2 Migration, Border Security and Terrorism

    In this session, the speakers will elaborate which implications migration brings over border security and how to develop measures in order to better detect sneaking terrorists among migrants through the border. The session will also provide a discussion of the reaction from the target destination of the migrants within the context of domestic violent extremism.

    15.00-15.15      Coffee Break

    15.15-16.45      Panel-3 Legal aspects of terrorism & migration issue -

                             Challenges for International Law and International Organizations

    In this session, the speakers will talk over the achievements and incapacities of the international organizations on the fight against terrorism with a focus on migration. The session will also problematize the deficiencies of the international law recently, and will seek enhancements for the future challenges.

    15 November 2017, Wednesday

    09.00-10.30      Panel-4 A contemporary approach: Europe’s struggle with migration and violent extremism

    In this session, the speakers will deliver their thoughts that whether increased terrorist attacks or the rise of violent extremism in Europe has a relationship with the migration. In the session, which lessons learned and what should be done will also be discussed in depth.

    10.30-10.45       Coffee Break

    10.45-12.15      Panel-5 A practical approach: Turkey’s experience with the migration

    In this session, the speakers will discuss which measures Turkey has developed against the challenges posed by migration and which lessons have been learned from the experience of dealing with the refugee issue. The session will also provide a discussion whether migration has made an impact on terrorist incidents in Turkey.

    12.15-13.45      Lunch

    13.45-15.00      Wrap up and closing remarks

    Activity Director

    Capt. (N) Mehmet ÖZEN

    Activity Assistant

    Mr. Kamer ÖZCAN