During the activities, lunches are served at the Officers’ Club. According to the regulations of the Officers’ Club, only credit cards or prepaid cards are accepted (no cash). Prepaid cards can be obtained from the Reception Desk of the Officers’ Club with deposit of 6 TLs (approximately € 2). You can exchange your money at the Officers’ Club Exchange Office which is located just next to the Reception Desk. 50 TLs (approximately 15 Euros) for a one week course would be enough. Payments and refunds for prepaid cards are in Turkish Liras. Only the deposit money of the card is refunded, when it is returned to the Reception Desk of the Officers’ Club. It is strongly recommended you return the cards after the lunch at the last day of the activity. All dinner arrangements are participants’ own responsibility.
The transportation for lunches from/to the Centre is provided by COE-DAT with no cost.