Accommodation for "COMMON PARTICIPANTS"

COE-DAT has a five star contracted hotel. All hotel bookings are made at the contracted hotel by COE-DAT on behalf of the participants who request a booking.

The rate for a single room is approximately 40 Euros (excluding %8 VAT) and for a double room, the room rate is around 50 Euros (excluding %8 VAT). The rate is valid for per room, per night and includes an open-buffet breakfast.

Participants who don’t prefer to stay at the contracted hotel are responsible for their own accommodation and daily transportation arrangements.

Daily transportation between the contracted hotel and the Centre is provided by COE-DAT with no cost throughout the activity.
Room Rates per Night (excluding %8 VAT)
Single Room 45.00 Euro
Double Room 55.00 Euro
Dinner 15.00 Euro